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31 october 2013

31 october 2013, thursday ( Thoughts awhile ago )

The words I don't like you runs it's way though my brain down to my heart.Tears starts to fall because the words that were said hurt more then anything.I keep hearing these words to the point one might think I should be use to this but I'm not. When will the day come when the words I don't like you turn into I like you or even I love you.To not have a reason to not like me but you just don't like me.One wouldn't know what to say or know how to take that.But to expect you to be ok deep inside. Think about it, why would you be ok.My esteem once again has been attackEach day the more I think about it the more ugly I feelWhy was I cursed with this plague of ugliness what did I do to deserve this.The words I don't like you make me more ugly each time I hear it

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