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27 december 2018

Stem Cells (A Fun Write.)

"Stem Cell Research." By: Anthony Fry 2006. (A Fun Write.) But Becoming So True Today 11/10/18.

Anthony Fry 2006. 
Stem Cell Research. 
A cladistic analysis is not good enough for this sensitive topic you must get a suitable regulatory framework positive. 
That determines the evolutionary relationship between organisms based on derived similarities. 
There are concepts in many of the fables of folklore. 
Everything we value, we value for evolutionary reasons. 
A fantasy generation process of ifs and butts. 
Agents with beliefs and desires. 
Survival of the fittest an historical theory having been endorsed by natural selection. 
You must follow the code of practice. 
Embryonic stem cell research could mark the beginning of revolutionary new borders in this century. 
A Trojan horse filled with prokaryotic parasites to fight against the body's eukaryotic cells. 
Is it an illusion in a mystery inside an enigma. 
Because only members of the species can interbreed successfully. 
An endocrine system with two thousand to ten thousand receptacles in each cell. 
Ondatra Zibethicus(Muskrat). 
Flammulina Velutipes(Mushroom). 
Calendula Officinalis(Marigold). 
Our nearest evolutionary kin. 
Aside from other members our own genus and species. 
Homo sapiens are the hominoid family which includes apes after that in decreasing order of relationship we belong to the order of primates the class of mammals the super class of tetrapods the subphylum of vertebrates the phylum of chordates creatures with a nerve down the back and finally the animal kingdom as a whole.
The key unit of evolution however is the species that's the level at which changes get made. 
Defined as the genealogical connection among all earthly organisms. Plus We have the internal parasites which adapt into a complex mammalian carnivore a parasite living within on the free savannas, just the same as it did in our long living relatives the chimpanzee. Ethically different realms of human life. 
As seen through the eyes of the eugenicists trying to improve the human race by curing diseases is OK. 
But some innovations that would enable scientists to create gorilla type beings in a zoo. 
That you can hold an intelligent conversation with. 
Mind boggling but it is not impossible if you are given the go ahead with neuroscience. 
Embryonic stem cell research. 
Will there be another world war for the multi-billion pound industry.
When someone starts cloning embryonic stem cells by the lights of a perverted science. 
God has written all the books. Will he tolerate their existence. 
Stem cells are immortal in that they are able to replicate an unlimited number of times. 
Playing god What would these people make of an artificial human.
Is this going to turn into a very remarkable story about natural selection about metaphysics of ensoulment or maybe of moral contradiction. 
Will there be a moral value in talking to something that looks and talks like your mother or father. 
Progenitor cell life is an illegitimate transmitted clandestine disease you must draw a line. 
You must try to develop this bio-tech development issue in an historical way. 
Give Darwin some worthy credit or you will have to rewrite the bible in the future when it goes as far as cloning humans. 
Do not forget the body's immune system plus the nervous system. There will be prerequisite( Sine Qua Non )allotments everywhere with super-fit(Genomic)gardeners with nothing to do all day but sow their seeds. 
Let me tell You a 4.55 billion year old secret. 
"Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness." 
Raising an organism's fitness so that natural selection can spread that gene. 

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