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10 marca 2014

10 marca 2014, poniedziałek ( Complete Transformation. )

I'm not a fan of cosmetic reforms.
I want complete transformation.

Transformation of the inner self,the soul through complete sincere,truly and wholeheartedly worship and remembrance of Almighty.Purification of the heart by killing evil desires.Eyes to see only good and avoid evil glances.Tongue to speak the truth and avoid vain talks.I mean to say each and every part of the body should be transformed into a new one ..a complete one in which we can be a true slave of Almighty ,not the fake one wherein through cosmetic we beautify ourselves which is of no use.Its not a beauty..its a fake transformation.We need complete transformation through a natural,eternal and pure one.And this real and complete transformation of the soul will remain eternal and will be helpful to us as well as others and most importantly it will be loved by Almighty rather than cosmetic reforms.

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