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14 april 2015

14 april 2015, tuesday ( 25 Random Things About Me. )

1. I have a secret passion of becoming a writing diva.. lol!!!!
2. I hate fake and arrogant people.. and if I didn't like you, you'll know;)
3. I fall to fast, crash too hard, forgive to easy and care too much. But, do NOT take me for granted, you won't like it if I was mad. Man, I sound like a Devil.. LOL
4. I like to be different and don't care what people think.
5. When I was overseas, people have guessed that I am: Thai, Filipino.. but never Indonesian
6. I have a problem with keeping in touch with old friends and acquaintances.... sometimes.
7. I truly believe I can be a supermodel if I were taller, have longer legs, lighter skin, higher cheekbones, higher nose, bigger eyes, longer neck.... heck, basically born in a different body.. Hahaha...
8. I love being surrounded by people, but mostly enjoy being by myself.
9. A perfect alone pasttime: sitting in an overstuffed armchair reading a book or sitting behind desk and surfing on internet, writting for hours with my coffee and cigarette. What a life!!!
10. LOVE reading, writing, sleeping most and spend hours indoor. 
11. Wish I could take 1 year off and travel around the world and the 1st country I would luv to visit most is France.
12. Having a LDR is sucks but I got no choice. A man who does like me is miles away!!
13. Wear a flip-flops at work makes me look very "unprofessional" but I feel comfort with it, so what??
14. I hate hurting people or see people getting hurt. In relationship I'm jealous much BUT I'm type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at him and smile, The type of girl who is willing to brighten his day even IF I couldn't brighten my own. Ooh my.. I sound like a poet :p
15. I like socializing with people from different background or culture without being judgmental about the differences we have. Whoever is judgmental or discriminative (based on waeva) should just live in the jungle alone cuz everybody is different! ONE THING... Do Not judge somebody's path if you haven't walked their journey!
16. I'm very bad with directions. Don't leave me in an unknown territory without GPS, I might not return..
17. I have a slight phobia on something but NO ONE aware as I never told to anyone. Simply because I KNEW that they will play around with the stuff!
18. When I was younger, I made a list for criteria of a perfect man. As I get older, that list is thrown out the window. The perfect man is non-existent. 
Boooo.... what a devastating revelation.
19. I have at least 2 pairs of fabulous boots that I can't wear coz how that possible to wear them in Bali??? ... LOL. But that means I must make a list for next travelling around Europe .. yaaaayyyyy (what a dream haha :p)
20. Absolutely HATE waiting and being in a car/plane/bike/train/bus for hours.
21. I'm a business minded. I'm not competitive but I hate failing.
22. I think guys that are intimidated by smarter, more successful, more accomplished, more powerful women are IDIOTS!!!!!
23. Obsess to improve my french, and learn mandarin and korean language. 
24.Never get enough with cappuccino blended with whipcream.
25. Not that feminine, got tattos, motorbike rider, Im not into meni-pedi and so on, not worry to have broken nails when I do the house work, not panic if rain or wind may ruin my hairs. LOL

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