George Krokos

Complex Star
Portrait in Black & White
Study in Colored Rectangles
Inverted Sunflower
Indigenous Ingenuity
Layers & Rays of The Sun
Caricature 3: The Old Man
Caricature 2: The Gangster
Caricature 1: The Martial Artist
The Stoned Drone
The Union Of Yin And Yang
Church Near Riverbank
Sunrise On The Horizon
Double Bloom
Under a Blazing Sun
Octagonal Divide
Earth, Space and the Foundation of Time
Steps In The Garden
The Lighthouse at Byron Bay
Psychedelic Glass Tile Art
Broken Blue Windmill
Beach, Sea & Clouds
Sunlight In The Park 1
Web Of Deception
Fractal Nautilus
Dead Tree Creature

15 - 30 - 100  

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