Geetima Baruah Sarma

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17 march 2012


Spring has arrived
And Bohag beckons,
Parents await their
Homeward sons.
The cuckoo sings
And kopou blooms,
Dancers dance
To the Bihu tunes.
Tinge of jetuka
On the delicate hands,
Offering Bihuwan
To pay reverence.
Chira, pitha, laru,
Home-made delicacies,
Muga mekhela-chador,
Pride of the ladies.
Dhol, pepa, gogona,
Rendition by Husori,
Merriment fills the aura,
Ah! Spirit of Rongali!

[Published in the e-magazine 'Bordoichila' on 15 April 2011]


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