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24 january 2013


Kopili Kopili rangdhali suwali...
Lovely verses flowed through his pen
When he stayed in an inspection bungalow
Thirty three years back on July ten.

His artistic insight captured the beauty
Of meandering Kopili gushing down the hills,
Her changing moods, her fascinating youth,
Immortal lyrics composed with finest skills.

His inspiring rendition enthralled Umrongso,
Each and everyone that loved his golden voice,
With a heavy heart Kopili today pays her tribute
And she shall ever cherish the song and rejoice.

[Published in 'melange', the Sunday supplement of 'The Sentinel' on 13 November 2011]

Short note: On 10th July 1978, Dr Bhupen Hazarika came to Umrongso in Assam for a performance and during his stay in the NEEPCO I.B. of Kopili Hydro Electric Project, he composed the lyrics of the Assamese song ‘Kopili Kopili Rangdhali Suwali’. The river Kopili is a tributary of the mighty river Brahmaputra but through the artistic eyes of the legend, the enchanting river has been personified as a lively girl whose mood changes as the monsoon arrives. She remains restless but her beauty lies in her fascinating youth and she appears bright having the shine of numerous suns. Dr Hazarika’s song has inspired all and this piece is a tribute to his immortal contribution. I, on behalf of the people of Kopili Project in Umrongso, pray to God for the eternal peace of the noble soul.

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