Geetima Baruah Sarma

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22 august 2013


Through an introspection,
One can analyze any reaction.
Situations remain the same,
But we try to put the blame.
When do we feel good?
When do we behave rude?
When everything goes our way,
We feel good, happy, and gay.
If anything turns turtle,
We become unstable.
Circumstances make us dependent.
But, don’t we like to be independent?
Well, attitude should change,
Evade incidents out of range.
Instead of regulating the outer,
We should try managing the inner.
Controlling outer events and past,
A difficult task, but forgetting is a must.
Contriving the inner-self and thoughts,
Would work wonders and achieve lots.
[Published in 'iBuzzle' on 20 August 2013]

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