Geetima Baruah Sarma

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16 january 2012


A tale,
Of two pals,
Ego possessed the former;
Self-respect imbibed the latter.
The former faced problems, complained;
The latter solved problems, smiled.
One, choosy and demanding;
Other, suitable and acceptable.
Acquiring jobs
In a corporation,
Standing at the threshold
Of promising careers,
Days rolled on
And the day arrived
For promotion.
Self-respect surpassed,
Ego lagged behind.
Thoughts converted into self-realization,
Truth revealed.
Ego satisfied merely the senses -
"I want this" and "I want that"
Self-respect implied acceptance -
"I respect this and I accept that."
To further proceed,
To reach the summit,
'I' and 'my' be discarded,
'We' and 'ours' be adopted.

[Published in 'melange', the Sunday supplement of 'The Sentinel' on 28 February 2010]

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