Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 8 september 2013

My Love

I need you like I need air to breathe
You encompass me and make me feel alive again....
Like having a newborn or learning how to tie your shoes
We have been through so much together and you still are my rock
When will it end....never my love.....an ode to you, I dream
You make me laugh and you made me cry
I love you and your ways; good or bad
Please love me back, seize my heart again today
You have made me feel lie a woman again......
It is like a spider web, being all engulfed......
Thank you for just being you......



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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 25 july 2013

A Blessing for a Friend

I said a Prayer for you today.......
It means saying that it is O.K. for you to twist me like a pretzel
I feel the need to DRIVE very fast and go 300 miles
I thought you and I would reconcile our differences
The only difference is me not caring anymore......
Love is as good as you make it and as bad as you ignore it
I feel better knowing that you are happy
I KNOW what happiness feels like
Please don't forgive yourself for all the things that you have done
It would be a far reaching gesture
Be wonderful, love yourself as I do
I can still hear you whisper my name
Like tickeling my ears with a feather
Have a wonderful life an move on......


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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 3 june 2013


I stopped by the circus today......
After all this time; do you wish you could UNDO the things that have distressed  me?  I wonder what kind of parent I would have been...without you.  I feel alive for the first time in as many monkees-I have been playing.........
All the little animals in the man made grass; they appear to be happy
Would you be?  Would you or do you care about them as little as myself.....

Feeling a little uncomfortable.......
I was so numbed out by your bull that I never saw them coming.....COWS????  
We always are different in front of a whole crowd....Whatever could they do  to you......Show love, anger, ambigous, fake, phony.....
The list is endless....Why did you hurt me that way
Because no one can hurt you?  We will all get our chances.......
Thank you for showing me the RIGHT way to be evil.......
I am going to sit on the porch swing and mello out.....

Thank you, my friend,

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 1 june 2013

The Bride

I could have woken up-DEAD
I still can hear her little girl's voice
No one else can make me feel so sad
But she is not of this heavanly place, she is unique
She is special....if she let down all her walls
And built new ones; she would be great.....
I love her anyway, being my friend
But after her husband left; she has been on a hunt
People say you cannot ruin a marraige, not TRUE
I saw her walking down the aisle and looking at me, she
did not want to marry him, it was a convenience.....
She needed 90 days to figure it all out
Some say she wants to have her cake and eat it too..... 
I think she is too scared to move forward...REWIND.....
She should stay single and alone except for friends
I am her best shot at making it out alive and well.....
LOVE does many things to us; I am out of suggestions
She walks around dazed, the REST of her life.....
In a 5 minute pep talk; she decides to leave, hide out
perhaps in my car; can she pull it off?
I always bet on her as she always wins.......
This time I may lose my money....left with no answers-
I come out and say....Lets party........
She feels better and her groom left.....
A lot of rough details and still single.......
How could she live in this blizzard called life.......

Time to start anew.............No one is too old, to feel great...


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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 26 april 2013


I thought I would miss you; I don't anymore
You left me with no choice but to get over it all 
Thank you for not making my life harder
With all your twists and turns
I could feel it slipping away; you wanted it that way
I thought I knew the meaning of a good friend
I was so wrong; you hate yourself  
But, I will never hate me; I don't hate you
You have hurt me for the first and last time
With your lies and misery; go by yourself to some other land
I waited for you to call, you did once-That shocked me
So, now in a 24 hour period, you have no time for me?
My watch has not broken and I know what time it is
Time for you to fool someone else..........

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 5 april 2013


In the dark; I find you clinging like some stuffed animal
Abandonment issues are the hardest-who takes thier love away?
It is so hard to get through to you sometimes....
Yet, you are so agreeable; I cannot leave it alone
Curiosity hails from every line that you have written
To say "I Miss You", would it even be appropriate
I feel like a caged animal, in my own circus
I have tried everything to get you out of my mind
But the brain and senses are still telling me-you are fine
You have a lot going for you; I want to be a part of it
Please open your door and let me in........


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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 4 april 2013


I sat out on the sofa and looked at the stars; which one are you
I miss you and wanted everything we could not have
New beginnings, old memories
Why won't you talk to me; is it a secret that I cannot share
You seem so distant at times but then you will tell me you love me
I must confess, it is so nice to hear
Everyone wonders where are you; I am now one of those
God gave you a blueprint of life; do I not share it with you?
I am smitten by your charm, taken aback by your ways
I only want what is best for you; do you know that?
I am starting to doubt myself, Am I good enough
It seems to me , like you are running as fast as you can
I realize you are very busy ; but a simple "Hello" would do
I will always love you and the sound of your voice......
Please tell me it is OK, please respond to something
Those who ask me questions, I have no answer for......
Is it just you being you?
Or me being me?
PLease say you are happy; it means a lot
Even in your darkest thoughts; you have made a difference in my life
I am praying for you...it is all I can do
You are my dearest frind; I miss you terribly

God has a purpose for you that is held in his heart
God has a path for you; that is held in his grace

"The Lord will fullfil his promise for me, your love, Old Lord
endures forever

Psalms 138:8         


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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 2 april 2013


Today is a great day; miss all your friends
Miss them like you do when you are sleeping and dream
You are a child of God, you are never alone
Today is a great day, miss me?
I just wanted to tell you I Love You........
We have been through many things, that only made us stronger
Today is a beautiful day, I found you....
Let go of your heartache and strife
Go get a life.........Today is a promising day
You could have been anybody
Today is a wonderful day; I hear life everywhere
The sun is shining directly into your heart
Be a good friend and check up, say hello
I Love You all the same
I see your green eyes; like crystals in the diamond store
Today is a fabulous day, let go of your inner demons
For today is the best day; Since I met you

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 26 march 2013

15 Seconds

What type of game are you playing, my friend?
I have been there for you to listen........
Now, I hear dead silence on the other end of the phone......
Are you the same person I knew
Lack of words, you are too busy to even talk to me?
Or is this a crazy little dream...
Hurt comes from anxiety, none of which I have felt for so long
Now, you avoid me; I can only guess.........
And guessing is not the answer......
PLease explain yourself; I so hurt; I will not try again.......
You have made a mockery of yourself, not me......
I feel abandonded, used a little, and lied to a lot.....
I will not bow down and keep your ego in tune......
You can take all those words you said to me back
It is like writing on the wall.......
I am very brittle; but do not brake easily.
I will never write about you again...
Try and say something in your defense, I am not your prosecuter
You cannot take someones feelings and put them on display
Only 15 seconds of your time...that is all I had asked.....
Now I ask nothing...nothing at all.......     

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 24 march 2013

My Friend

You are a thousand miles away....I miss you
I can see your writings and know I am safe with you
You have spoken to me in many different ways...I love them all.
It is a beautiful day because of you......
Don't take away your emotions to me
I am happy now and want you to be the same...
Taking care of business is hard sometimes but the end result is satisfying
How many more days do I have to count. I can reach out and pull you into me
At times I wonder what you are doing, how you are and I am going to find out all my questions from you in your time...
Love is truly a shock to the system as you have changed my whole make-up and not on my face
You have a simply beautiful heart.........
I need to be a part of that, my life would suffer without you..........

A friend loveth at all times...Proverbs 17:17


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