Geetima Baruah Sarma

dodane wcześniej pozostałe wiersze dodane później

6 lipca 2013


Dreams began to wane
as she faced distress
and she proclaimed
there were lots to express.
Physical tortures
day in and day out,
character assassination
by holding doubt,
restrain imposed
on pursuing her career,
severe criticism
for not being fair,
harassment by
demands of dowry
and an heir
on the first delivery.
Her endurance one day
lost the bound
and extreme courage
she finally found.
To get rid
of the evil monster,
she sprinkled pesticide
in a fried lobster.
Hours later,
the neighbours gathered,
they all murmured.
None suspected
it to be a mystery,
she sighed silently.
[Published in ‘Indus woman writing’ in July 2013 issue]

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