Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 26 august 2014

Towards Vague Destination

All our thinking swallowed up
All dreams of peace wiped away
Like woman of a household forced to dishonor.
Arguments keep piling up
Issues never get resolved
Like the evening deepened into night.

People are running after
for making a pile of money
Riding about in a jeep.
To survive they don’t even bother
to take other’s life .
We act like nothing happened
The sufferings and cry of starving
during hard times
don’t even touched our heart.

Our feet keep on walking
Simply keep on walking ahead
But our destination,we don’t know.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 10 august 2014

You're Always with Me

I didn’t fall in love with you.
I walked into love with you,
with my eyes wide open,
choosing to take
every step along the way.
I do believe in fate and destiny
but I also believe
we are only fated
to do the things
that we’d choose anyway.
And I’d choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality.
I’d find you
and I’d choose you.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 29 march 2014

Hang-out with Success

Thanks to the Pains
That teaches me courage.
I’m perfect in imperfections
Happy in my pain
Strong in weaknesses.
My situation is like a boat
Adrift from its moorings.
All my vagrant thoughts,
Like wavering flames
Make me sometimes confused.
But it could never be able
To deviate me from my route.
As I’m ready not to yield to whims.
I’m resolute and determined
To start the next chapter of my life,
And don’t want to keep re-reading the last one.
As I strongly believe that
Great deeds come at great cost.
I’ve eager young mind
To make extraordinary possible.
To come and go
In the realm of success.
I keep feeding my enthusiastic determination
For it to stay alive.
As I would like to hang-out with success
For the rest of my life.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 24 march 2014

The Street-children

In all the ages
They are underprivileged.
In whatever name we call them
They are street-children.
They sleep by the side of the road
As they are  homeless.
Scraps of food they eat
Left in the plate eaten by others.
They are humans
Made of flesh and blood .
But are neglected
Ignored , despised
Wretched and abhorrent one.
Life encompassed with
Endless sorrows and pains.
Dilapidated and decayed through ages.
Stricken with poverty
Can’t manage their livelihood
So, they’ve to be content with
Whatever comes ready to hand.
But they have desire
To express delight and choice.
A far-sighted dream
To fly in the open sky at large.
They want to be enlightened.
Is it a curse for them
To be borne as street-children ?
Can’t we extend our helping hands
Towards them a little ?
To decorate their life
To give them equal value
Above all, to create an illuminated society.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 24 march 2014

Facing the Naughty World

It’s a naughty world
So get ready.
If you can fight then fight
Help each other in need
Our war has just begun.
Activities are available
Just add meaning.
Give thanks to the pains
That teaches you courage.
Join the two life –
One in mind ,
The other in the real world.
And you’ll find peace.
Happiness is an abstract thing
A spiritual experience of living
Every minute with love, grace and gratitude
Lead a life of integrity, honesty
And capacity to perform and endure.
All you can take with you is  that
Which you’ve given away.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 10 march 2014

Appeal towards Almighty

O Almighty !
You have given me a lot.
I am greedy,
That's why,I am never content
with what I get.

I am a poor beggar
and so when I beg to you
don't send me back with an empty hand
and free me from my heartbreaking pains
which cannot be shared.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 27 january 2014

The Unavoidable One

How crucial the death is !
It never comes with a notice.
And takes away –
Our dearly loved one.
Nobody can escape
From the grasp of death.
Death doesn’t need any permission
To come and go.
It has  no fear, no sloth,
No discrimination.
Nor any chance of partiality
Or the chance of taking bribe.
Death is inevitable.
Today or tomorrow
Everyone has to take
The taste of it.
Death is not the ending of life.
It’s just the door of an eternal world.
Take lessons from your surroundings
By going through the changes in atmosphere.
That death will not spare us
We all know this absolute truth
But don’t make ourselves for it.
How spiritually blind we really are !

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 19 january 2014

The Ultimate Destination

O Human being !
Arise from sleep
It's already too late.

Don't you ever think-
Who create you ?
Why you are here ?
And where is your destination ?

Think wisely
Be eagle-eyed and far-sighted.
What you are seeing is nothing
But what you'll see is everything.

What is the benefit of quarrel ?
So establish peace
Spread power of love.
Do good deeds before it is too late
As they are never lost.
And make your life meaningful.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 19 january 2014

A Loveable Personality

He was my father
Who is no more now.
I never thought he was so dear to me.
I realize his absence
By the emptiness of his presence.
He was my guide
Source of the light
Of my power of inspiration.

He never throttle my freedom of choice
He teaches me the reality.
A sure way of making sure.
Now I can see the foreseeable future.
What I am today
Merely his contribution.

He left me alone
This loss is irreparable.
A loss that can never be made up
A sorrow that cannot be forgotten.
A great privation for me
Not be able to speak to my father.

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 9 january 2014

Walking on the Beach

I wish I could walk on the long beach all alone.
Where all my sadness would flow.
The noisy waves keeps my inner loudness silent.
But the sunset cries for me all alone.
When this water touches my feet,
My soul becomes cold
And starts narrating my story once told.
Yet again but don't want to hold
Those memories which are now old.

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