Travis Casey

Travis Casey

Travis Casey
Travis Casey

'let you know about a great young man ! Who deal with the physical Emotional and spiritual well-being of children and families who are infected or affected With HIV/Aids. He also living with HIV. At the age of five Travis found his passion for poetry through a classroom assignment given by his teacher in 5th grade. This where he wrote his first poem! The journey began from there. At the age of six with the help from his PhD,ACSW Coordinator Lori Wiener, he became more passionate about poetry and soon after that,the words came to him ''it was like someone was telling him what to write''. Even though Travis life was filled with his poetry, his life plan was to become a police officer. he love reading his poems for his friends & his friends like to hear them as they are true caring friends. They are inspired by the Poetry that he writes. The power of poetry helps him through the rough times,but he always stays positive and gives a smile to the world. He love school and was passionate about learning, through hard work and perseverance he worked hard and kept my mind focused on the future. There are hardship to being a young man living with HIV and bound in a wheel chair . Even when he was picked on, talk about, and even beat down, poetry was the way Travis coped with struggle he faced in life. With a strong mind , heart & spirit Travis stepped out of school as a poet who helped other through his words of inspiration. With a dream to inspire others, this book is his way to share his thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world. Hands of freedom is the first fulfillment of Travis dreams to be a true poet and to give the world the Hands Of Freedom that it needs.God gave Travis the gift to write poetry Sharing his thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world. Rather it was with friends & family or meeting new people Travis Casey Inspire them ''I just didn't change they lives they change mine!'' Being a young man living with the hardship of HIV & cerebral palsy Travis coped with the struggle he faced in life. You know it's hard to believe in something you can't see but god has a plan for every one in life If not he wouldn't open our eyes and pull us out of bed every morning and give us a new day you don't see the next day coming but pray to see it You can't see the wind but ,you can fill it blowing through your hair & filling your heart with air. God has open a new chapter in Travis journey The Element Of Freedom is the second fulfillment of his dreams! With work and perseverance Travis worked hard and kept his mind focused on the future from becoming a world born publish author and to give the world the Hands Of Freedom that it needs His first key know novel. As soon as you stop worrying about the matters of your life and how the story ends and let go , let god have his way That's when things start to happening! With words extending from his heart & the mind to wonder a new book of affection to share with the world again! Travis Casey brought the imaginable to people lives by inspire them with a new element of words! We worry about what god hasn't done in life for us Instead of being thankful! Travis dreams to be a true poet and to give the world his second vision will take you on a life endless journey and inspire your hearts!

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