Angel, 19 march 2014

3 february 2014, monday ( A major problem in the world )

Anorexia is a very serious issue. It is not something that can be changed overnight. It is not a switch that can be flipped on an off. It is a SERIOUS problem in this world that is not being fixed. It is a condition that is only frowned upon because it is "unhealthy," "low," and "demented." (... więcej)

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Angel, 24 march 2012

23 march 2012, friday ( how )

am so tired of the hurt. the pain. my friends are depressed and i cant do anything to help then. then on top of that the guy i've been in love with for the past two years likes me and claims that he's been in love with me for the past 2 years too. only problem is the fact that my mmom doesnt (... więcej)

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