Angel, 19 march 2014

Listen to the sound

Listen to the sound,Of a heart that's breaking down.Ever so slowly it's being destroyed,By all of those evil unlucky boys.Now listen to the sound of a broken heart,Slowly but surely being pulled apart.By all of those men who think they're so fly,But all the really do is make her cry.Listen to the sound of the girl that's breaking down,Torturing herself without a sound.She thinks she'd be better off dead,Because of the voices she hears in her head.Now listen to the sound of a girl who finally sees hope,Because she's finally found a man who can help her cope.She is no longer on her own,Because love is all this guy has shown.Listen to the sound a heart being fixed,Being put back together without being tricked.With him she's learned to truly smile,And their love will not last for just a while.Now listen to the sound of a girl who's alive,Finally happy without tears in her eyes.She's learned to love and she's learned to care,And she's learned that for her he'll always be there.

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Angel, 23 december 2012

The words she says

The words she says,
Pierce me deep.
She doesn't hear me,
Even if I weep.

She claims she's not saying,
My sisters better than me.
But no matter how hard I try,
She will never see.

The girl that's hidden,
Deep inside.
So scared to come out,
She always hides.

No one believes in me,
So slowly I die.
Barely lives,
Drowning in lies.

"Why should I try?"
Is what I think.
No one gives help,
So in the pain I sink.

I'll never be good enough,
For anyone.
And no matter what,
No one will come.

With everything she says,
And everything she does.
She's killing me softly,
Never again to be the angel I was.

Because the words she says,
Pierce me deep.
And she'll never hear me,
Even if I weep.

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Angel, 23 december 2012

The feeling you get...

The feeling you get when you run your hand over your scars,
Wanting to open them again.
The feeling you get when people look down upon you,
Because you'll never be anything to them.

The feeling you get when your mother speaks,
And basically tells you you're worthless.
The feeling you get when the words echo in your head,
You're nothing, hopeless, useless.

The feeling you get when the pain never ends,
And you just want to die.
The feeling you get when you wear that smile,
When all you want to do is cry.

The feeling you get when you're tired of living,
The same lie every day.
The feeling you get when you're done with life,
Because to you, there's no reason to stay.

The feeling you get when you're just done,
Thinking of ways to end it all.
The feeling you get when you wake up,
Wondering if this is the day you will fall.

The feeling you get when you finally break,
And drag the razor across your wrist.
The feeling you get when you put your hand down,
As your blood drips from your fist.

The feeling you get when you remember,
All the words that were said.
The feeling you get when the last of you fades,
And the world finds you dead.

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Angel, 23 december 2012

Blood smeared pages

Open the book,
And turn the page.
You'll see what I,
Went through at each age.

Years one through ten,
I was perfect as can be.
But after eleven,
Things changed as you will see.

As I grew older,
My pain became clear.
My eyes were always shining,
Because they were holding back the tears.

I started getting into,
Things I know I shouldn't have.
Then I saw,
How it made my friends sad.

A few began,
To see the scars.
Not knowing the pain,
That made me go far.

Hardly any warning,
Would I heed.
Then you turn the page,
And it's hard to read.

The next few pages,
Were smeared with blood.
The words you could read spoke,
Of blood flowing out like a flood.

The words you read,
Are too painful to repeat.
It was so horrifying,
You couldn't stay in your seat.

It was hard for me to write,
When the pages were being stained red.
But I needed to write out my life,
Before I was dead.

I felt that if I didn't,
I would have been of no use.
Like there was no reason for me to be good,
I might as well have let the monster loose.

It's getting harder for me to write,
Because my blood keeps smearing.
I can barely see,
Because my eyes are tearing.

So I'll be quick,
I will be fast.
For the life I have left,
Will no longer last.

I'm sorry for all the pain,
That I have put you through.
Through these blood smeared pages I'm saying to my friends and family,
Good bye, I'm sorry, and I love you.

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Angel, 23 december 2012

The secret lover (Part 2)

So they set up a date,
After school the next day.
And he made her promise,
That only he would pay.

He planned to take her,
To a movie the next night.
But first stop somewhere,
For a quick bite.

When they finished talking,
He couldn't help but smile.
Because he's wanted to be with her,
For a very long while.

He was so excited,
He couldn't believe his mind.
Finally he thought,
This girl can be mine.

His dream was finally,
Coming true.
And in her mind she thought,
Someone wants you.

The next day at school,
While she was counting down the hours.
He was off,
Buying her flowers.

He just,
Couldn't wait.
For their,
Special date.

While they were at school,
Throughout the day.
He would look at her,
Thinking about what he would say.

She still didn't know,
His identity.
But he was still nervous,
That he may not be the one she wants to see.

Every few seconds,
He looked at the clock.
His nerves were overwhelming him so much,
That he could barely talk.

Should i continue??

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Angel, 23 december 2012

Kill me now

Kill me now
Kill me dead
Leave the carpet
Stained blood red

Ram the knife
Through my heart
Tear it to pieces
Tear me apart

Is full of lies
You hear me now
And seem surprised

You're the one
Who broke me down
And instead of smiling
I always frown

So just kill me now
And leave me be
And then you'll see
What you did to me

sorry that i ahvent posted anythig  in a while

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Angel, 16 may 2012

Finally Given Up

Congratulations you got your wish,
Congratulations i turned into this.

I gave up my knife just for you,
But now that is no longer true.

I promised you that never again would i do this,
But I take that back as I drag the knife across my wrist.

I put out my wrist and let the blood flow down,
Killing myself softly and without a tear.

I do not shed a single tear,
As i live out my friends biggest fear.

In the morning you'll find me dead,
Because of everything you said.

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Angel, 16 may 2012

What's the Point?

At home I always,
Feel alone.
No one there,
Just me on my own.

Always crying,
Myself to sleep.
Drowning in pain,
That is always deep.

The smile I wear,
Is only a shell.
Behind the mask,
I'm living in hell.

My parents sure as hell,
Don't care.
Like it matters,
Because they're never there.

My friends they care,
But they'll never see.
The dying girl,
Inside of me.

My life doesn't matter,
Because I'm always wrong.
No matter how hard I try,
I'll never be strong.

Acting all the time,
Like I'm okay.
Is killing me slowly,
More and more each day.

In truth I don't know,
How much longer I'll last.
Or if my pain,
Will ever pass.

I just know,
I'm dying inside.
And every day,
It's getting harder to hide.

People always say,
I'm perfect and sweet.
But to me,
Even that is an impossible feat.

I'm sorry the life that I live,
Is a lie.
And I feel the only wat to fix it,
Is to die.

I haven't come to that point yet,
Because I'm looking for truth.
Something good inside of me,
Just a bit of proof.

But everything I care about,
Has been taken away.
So what's the point of living,
If there's no reason to stay?

I'm tired of acting,
Like the pain is not there.
It hurts too much,
And nobody cares.

Tell me why should I live,
If I don't know what for.
What's the point of living,
If you don't want to anymore.

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Angel, 2 may 2012

Pain of the Past

I am hurting deeply inside,
Running from fears that I cannot hide.

I remember the things that made me go far,
Far enough to give myself a scar.

I remember the blood and I remember the knife,
I remember trying to end my life.

Although I don't do those things anymore,
The memories have left me sore.

The urge to relapse can be strong,
And they make my nights very long.

The things of the past make me regret,
And all my memories I'd rather forget.

I have decided not to hate
I'll just leave my life to fate.

I paint on the smile so that my face beams,
As I try to figure out my dreams.

I know the pain is of the past,
But I'm afraid it will always last.

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Angel, 26 april 2012

In Love

He loves me then,
He loves me not.
But I'm willing to give him,
Everything I've got.

He loved me then,
He loves me now.
We're working it out,
But I always wonder how?

He is everything,
As perfect as can be.
So how did he fall,
For a girl like me?

There's really nothing,
Special about me.
And I would really like,
To find out how he sees me.

But right now,
I do not care.
I just know,
He's always there.

He's like an angel,
Sent from above.
And he is the one,
I truly love.

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